Welcome to 3 Harbours Arts Festival online!

We are delighted to present a variety of short films, music videos, local activities and a gallery of artwork submitted by East Lothian artists. Due to our current circumstances we couldn’t run a live event but wanted to produce a virtual festival that helps artists, connects people, inspires creativity and airs projects that have recently taken place throughout East Lothian.



Thursday 8th July • 10:00-10:30am

Zoom workshop for families with Art Point • FREE

Join Art Point for a 30 minute zoom workshop where you will learn how to make a dreamcatcher using things you have found on the beach or in the forest. Please scavenge for treasures in advance of the workshop and have these ready, together with sticks, string or threads, paper, scissors as well as paint, crayons or colour pens. Let’s get creative!

Meeting ID: 781 3857 6070
Passcode: qSk4N5


Saturday 3rd July • 10:30am–12:00pm

Zoom workshop for all ages & abilities • FREE

Photo by Van Gill Media

A relaxed and friendly online Scots song workshop with singer and harper Corrina Hewat. In this workshop we’ll be joined by a special guest from Cockenzie’s Waggonway Project to give us wee bit of salt history; tales of the gaugers and smugglers; a background on the actual process of making salt and answer your Q&As. Corrina will teach her arrangement of the Davy Steele song ‘Here’s a Health tae the Sauters’; there is no need to read music. The song will be taught by ear, with words provided in advance. Music will be available afterwards for those who would like it.

Register by 9am on Sat 3rd July so that we can email a song sheet and Zoom info to you.

Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances the Wee Blue Press Linocut Workshop has had to be cancelled.



Art School

Paintbox is a small, independent Art School based in Cockenzie House and Gardens, which is located in the coastal village of Cockenzie, in East Lothian. Beginning in 2013, Paintbox have built up a centre of teaching excellence in Fine Art priding ourselves on providing highly individual and innovative courses designed to nurture and support artistic ability, while encouraging students to push and develop their skills to a level they didn’t know they were capable of. Small class numbers (max 10) ensure a high ratio of student:tutor time, and an education that is entirely sculpted around the individual. 



Three short videos demonstrating how to do a simple linocut print. They cover carving, mixing ink and printing with an explanation about the tools and materials used. Wee Blue Press is Borders based artist and printmaker Emma Jones, who works with various printmaking techniques and teaches locally when rules allow. 


Painting Clouds

I paint mostly in watercolour and love showing the changing light on the land. Now I feel that I am getting close to the drama that excites me so much. Paintings can be viewed at the 3 Harbours online Gallery & Shop, which are priced to include good quality frames with an off white mount to complement the paintings.

SOUND STORY *Premiere*

Sound Story is a B2B (business to business) film created by four school film ‘companies’ summer 2021 in East Lothian. Starting with inspired recorded walks by each group of young people, the company then handed on their work (virtually) to the next company to produce this short animated film. Supported and initiated by East Lothian Council Arts Service Youth Music Initiative Team as well as support from Screen Scotland.

Innerwick Primary School [writers] Longniddry Primary School [design team] Macmerry Primary School [animators] Dunbar Primary [musicians].


East Lothian Branch

The Scottish Handcraft Circle was started 1945 from an idea at a Guide Commissioners’ Conference. The aim is “ to provide activities which will encourage members to create items of a high standard and good design. “The motto “Never an idle moment, never an angry word” was adopted. The East Lothian branch began in September 2019. We meet fortnightly at Cockenzie House and are always happy to welcome new members. Our projects so far have included Etui work boxes, Canvas work, Percher/fascinator hats, quilted Christmas ornaments and embroidered starbursts.


by Carl John Barber

The anticipated “I Dream of Fields” premiers here in the 3 Harbour’s Arts Festival 2021. It is a haunting short film of this regarded poem. A journey of images and video, Even becoming a special journey in making, for those involved, and it’s maker. With locations around East Lothian, the fishing village of Port Seton, the wild Lammermuir Hills, Edinburgh and Dalkeith. It is a humanity confirming film, dedicated to all who have experienced these strange and hard times. ‘May a black bird, always sing in your garden…’ 

OFF THE WING *Premiere*

An Off the Wing/Gael Gal Production

“Off the Wing” invites you on an immersive journey through a gloriously random collection of words and music about the birds and bird lore of Scotland as witnessed through its poetry, literature and traditional music. Featuring voices, harp and guitar, including original compositions, the piece is brought lovingly together and performed by Enid Forsyth, Martine Robertson and Tom Kane who bring magic and humour as well as a timely reality to bear on the relationships between people, birds and threads of migration. Filmed together and apart in the biting cold of April 2021.


by Tim Porteus

Tim Porteus is a professional storyteller who uses traditional folklore and local historical tales to connect people, and enhance a sense of place and identity. We are delighted that Tim has made this film about Prestonpans especially for 3 Harbours Arts Festival this year. You may have come across his book “East Lothian Folk Tales for Children” and there is also an adult edition, available from local bookshops.


Shiver me timbers! ELC Arts Service/YMI have chosen to premiere their Sea Shanty project at 3HAF. Hoist the sails for

– The Ghostly Ship of Halloween – A Sea Shanty composed by Stoneyhill Primary school P5
– The Cursed Ship – A Sea Shanty composed by Stoneyhill Primary School P6
– The Big Blue Sea – A Sea Shanty composed by Wallyford Primary School

Written and performed by pupils with help from local composer Alan Penman, for the Year of Coasts & Waters in Summer 2021. This link will play all Sea Shanties…


The children at Cockenzie Primary School have been working hard since returning to school to create art that relates to feelings and emotions, areas they have been learning about in class as well as being inspired by the work of famous artists. Artwork is displayed throughout the school corridors and brings joy to the children and staff as they move around the school.


LIL - 3HAF Exclusive!

Sea Monsters

Can you help our oceans by creating sea monsters or creatures? See how creative you can be with litter off the beach, and share it with us at @dolilthings and @3haf. Please use the #lilmonsters too so we can see them all!

Love from Lil – your community not-for-profit working to reduce waste and protect our coasts. Reduce Reuse Refill Community-centred. We are zero fuss, zero waste, 100% feel good. 


paperback by Heidi Villiers & Marjorie Ouvry

What do our pets dream about?

Find out when Rick the noisiest Cockerel in the world mischievously crows too early and wakes his friends from their amazing dreams… and next morning he has another trick up his sleeve! ‘The Comical Cockerel’ and ‘Robin Red Vest’ are available on Amazon or directly from the author via the 3HAF Shop.


Messy Play

Have fun this summer with messy play! For more information and play ideas visit the link below.

Moon Sand

This is really easy and fun to make with little helpers!

  • Mix 2 cups of flour with 1/4 cup of oil.
  • Rub it between your fingers until smooth.
  • Use the moon sand as it is, or experiment by adding coloured chalk or food colouring.
Moon sand is taste safe and feels nice between your fingers.

Try adding shells or sticks to make marks or small containers to fill and empty.


Making Marks

This is a great way to start mark making if you are not feeling confident about drawing.

  • You’ll need a selection of natural objects-things like sticks, leaves, shells, plants and pinecones with lots of different textures.
  • Use your collection to experiment with making marks and patterns.
  • You can use paint on paper or water on the pavement. If you’re outside, try this in mud or sand.

Ice Smash

  • First, prepare some ice in containers. Anything will do— tupperware, yogurt pots or balloons.
  • Serve the ice with tools or sticks.
  • You can add small plastic toys for children to discover in the ice, or together collect flowers and leaves to add to the water before freezing.
  • For extra messy play, add some paint or food colouring to paint with as the ice melts.

Light & Shadows

  • You can play with light and shadows on a sunny day, or in the dark with a torch.
  • Use your hands or body to make funny shadows or find objects that make interesting shapes.
  • Try using a torch to play with shadows, or draw with light on the ceiling. Older children might like to create a shadow puppet show to tell a story. Watch out for things that sparkle in the light and spark impromptu play.


Art Point are committed to developing talents and creativity in the community by connecting artists with the younger generation of local residents. Our workshops are a meeting point where artists can teach children their own skills and techniques and show them new possibilities. Here is a short video showing something that you can try at home! If you would like to learn more, Art Point will be running a Zoom Workshop. 



"By the Harbour"

Malcolm MacFarlane is a musician/composer who’s been based in East Lothian for about 20 years. With multiple CD releases and newer material on Bandcamp he continues to keep pushing artistic boundaries. Lockdown has actually resulted in an incredibly productive period with many albums and video collaborations released along the way.

The music – although ostensibly very simple the music has several layers of rhythm going on to mimic the movement of waves. The piece is both in 3/4 and 6/8 time and plays with the idea of the “Solea” rhythm found in Flamenco music. On top of that there are guitar phrases in groups of 5 and 7 notes too. Although none of this results in music that’s too complex or difficult to listen to, the other more melodic themes (where the harmony starts to move more) are more to do with evoking the feeling of the sunrise. This was originally just a piece for multiple guitars but the idea to add the amazing Patsy Reid on violin took this piece to another expressive level.

Ross MacFarlane is an aspiring filmmaker currently working in commercial videography and television production. Recent credits include Scotsquad and Outlander. When not crewing on other productions, he works on his own short films and videos like this one. “By The Harbour” was initiated by his dad, Malcolm, who wanted some imagery of Dunbar Harbour to accompany this new composition. To take full advantage of the east-facing harbour, he got up at sunrise on a day in late February. The edit is intentionally minimal, allowing you to observe and absorb the scenery and evolving light conditions while the music washes over you. Since the music was the genesis of the video, it was important that the imagery serve the music and not distract from it.


The East Lothian Piano Festival is an annual event held by East Lothian Council’s Instrumental Music Service, which offers the young people of East Lothian the opportunity to perform on the magnificent Bösendorfer piano in the Town House in Haddington. This year we have moved our Festival Online and we are delighted to be able to celebrate the talents of our young people in this way. We have 58 young pianists performing for you today and we are delighted to be joined again by the inspirational Graham McDonald. Graham’s feedback is a source of inspiration for us all here in East Lothian and our festival wouldn’t be the same without him. Many thanks Graham for your continued support of our young pianists. Many thanks also to Mrs Maxine Wilson and our talented team of instructors for putting this superb event together for our young people. We hope you enjoy listening!


"Lass of the Loch"

East Lothian Council’s Instrumental Music Service and RAF Music perform Lass of the Loch by our extremely talented Instrumental Instructor, Liz Woodsend. This project was an incredible opportunity for our young people to collaborate with our new friends from RAF Music in October 2020. RAF Music prepared webinars for our young musicians and we enjoyed live Google Meets sessions with these inspiring professional musicians. It was fantastic to be able to have the young people come together again to share their passion for music. This project was the start of a musical ‘chain letter’ and the young people of East Lothian have now inspired over 1000 other young musicians to participate with this project. For more information on East Lothian Council’s Instrumental Music Service please visit the links below.



East Lothian Council’s Instrumental Music Service and the Royal Marines Band Service perform Thriller. This project was an incredible opportunity for our young people to collaborate with our new friends from the Royal Marine Band Service in November 2020. The Royal Marine Band Service prepared webinars for our young musicians and we enjoyed live Google Meets sessions with these inspiring professional musicians. It was fantastic to be able to have the young people come together again to share their passion for music in these live sessions from the Royal Marines Band Studio in Rosyth. For more information on East Lothian Council’s Instrumental Music Service please visit the links below.

SANDIE WYLES - 3HAF Exclusive!

"30 Days"

Sandie Wyles writes songs about love and heartache and the importance of not going under when the going gets tough. Her acoustic guitar compliments her distinctive and melodic voice whilst her songs resonate with captivating characters. Influences include Gillian Welch with a twist of Willie Nelson and Hank Williams. A Song Writing Competition winner and an Edinburgh Fringe artist, an evening with Sandie will take you on a journey into the kaleidoscope of life, as seen through the eyes of an acute observer who has honed her craft in Scotland.



Richard started his musical career in the early nineties as bass player in Scotland’s The Lost Soul Band. Since then he has become a singer songwriter and performer in his own right. His latest album, “A Minor Arc” was released in November 2020. As we wait for the return of live music and the opportunity to perform again, Richard is working on two further releases for 2021.


"Hedgerows" (Recorded for 3 Harbours Arts Festival 2021)

Inspired by walking in the East Lothian Countryside.


"The Mountains" (Official Music Video)

Debut single from THE DAUGHTERS – Released 30th April 2021
Inspired by Donnie Campbell’s Record Breaking Munro Round, 2020. The Mountains was recorded & mixed by Garry Boyle at Slate Room Studio, East Lothian. Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, East Lothian. Location Filming @ Traprain Law, Gifford River & Tyninghame Beach, East Lothian


"My Sunshine"

“My Sunshine” was inspired by watching my cat on the living room window ledge cleaning herself in the sunshine. She is a rescued cat and has truly wallowed in her forever home. It’s an intimate song between me and her. The song is included in my third studio album, “…anything could happen” due to be released later this year under The Tubby Horse Company.


A glimpse into six fantastic music projects held in our local schools, and organised by East Lothian Youth Music Initiative (based at the Arts Service, Brunton Hall). Filmed pre-pandemic, it’s a great reminder of the joy and huge benefit that music brings to us all, and just how important it is to make sure it stays a part of childrens’ lives in times of crisis and beyond! For more information or to see further films by East Lothian YMI visit the links below.



Calling all choirs, street bands, community groups and ensembles!

The UN Climate Change summit is coming to Glasgow in November 2021. Oi Musica has created a new piece of music with multi-award winning musician Karine Polwart (seven times winner of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards) and Choir Director Heather Macleod. Titled ‘Enough is Enough’, the piece has been composed with the express purpose of inviting choirs, street bands and community music groups of all levels, sizes, ages and stages to learn and make it their own. We extend the invite far and wide, to any music collective interested in joining the global call for swift action on climate justice and a shift to an economy that values collective wellbeing above relentless economic growth.

Share your performance online in Oct/ Nov 2021 and join a tidal wave of music-making for Cop26. For more info about the project and how to get involved visit the link below.


The East Lothian Creatives Club is an online inclusive community for artistic and creative individuals within East Lothian. Our values as a business and as a community is positivity. We highly encourage our members to get inspired by their environment and create something positive using their own mediums. Our private Facebook group is a safe space for our members to share their work and connect with other creatives in a non-judgemental way. We promote encouraging feedback and share inspiring prompts and tips to help our members create. Our future goals will see us grow arms where we host events with workshop space. We hope in the future to not just be an online community but one where creatives can meet face to face and connect through their art.


On 20-21 September 1745, two very different armies faced each other in the fields between Prestonpans, Tranent and Cockenzie in a battle over who should wear the crown. The site of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s surprise victory – and Johnnie Cope’s sudden defeat – has been made famous through more than 275 years of art, song and story.

Although the pandemic continues to restrict some of the things we can enjoy, there are some great heritage assets on our doorstep which we can still explore: Prestonpans Battlefield is one of them! It has everything from monuments and memorials to historic churchyards, with panoramic views from the Meadowmill pyramid and interpretation panels to tell the story along the way. There’s even a free mobile app to help you find your way around. So why not enjoy some fresh air and summer sun whilst exploring one Scotland’s most famous battlefields!

Thanks to our sponsor